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Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Get to the Prudential Center from NYC

Hello there! So you're probably reading this because you're attending some event at the Prudential Center (KCON, EXO just to name a few) but don't have a car so you have to take public transit.

Well I've been there four times already so I decided to write down a guide on how to get there (also for future reference when I need to remember how and what I took to get there). Now these are just my directions, so feel free to use alternatives if you know of any.

There's two ways: comfortable but more expensive way, cheaper but not so comfortable way (scroll down)!

First Pathway: (Cost: $10.50)
  1. Take whatever train to 34th ST Penn Station. 
  2. Follow the signs for "NJ Transit". Once you get to a giant circular area, look for a Krispy Kreme. Go down that hallway and you'll see NJ ticket machines lining both sides of the hallway as well as a waiting/seating area to the left. 
  4. Buy a round-trip ticket (it'll save you the time from worrying about buying a ticket on your return to NY). Select "Newark Penn Station" as your destination on the ticket machine and select "Roundtrip". As of Feb 2016, it's $5.25 per ticket (which is EXPENSIVE compared to MTA's $2.75). 
  6. There are TVs there that you can watch for which train is on which platform. The 3 train lines that will take you to Newark Penn Station are: Bayhead, Long Branch and Trenton. You can take any one of them.
  8. About 10 minutes before a train departs, it'll show which platform/track you can board that train. RUN. Elevators are the fastest way to get down unless you're near the stairs. The trains are all double decker so you can either choose to sit high up for a view of the grassland/empty space that is NJ or the lower deck where your window is level with the tracks. 
  9. A train conductor will come around for your tickets. Make sure you give him the one that says "NYP to Newark" and not the return ticket...(like I realized once but it was okay because no conductor came around for tickets that day)
  10. You'll pass 2 stations before reaching Newark Penn Station.
  11. Once you exit the station, turn right and walk down the street to Prudential Center. There are signs that point you to the direction of the Center.
  13. YOU MADE IT! I hope you enjoy whatever event/show you're there to see and that my directions helped you stress out a little bit less about using NJ transit for the first time.
  14. Here are some more images of what you'll see once you exit Newark Penn Station.
  16. (L)- Walk along this street towards Prudential  (R)- Newark Penn Station
  18. (L)- Prudential Center!                                      (R)- Lots of hockey games are played here.  
  19.                      EXOPLANET #2 IN NY (technically NJ) WAS AWESOME!!! All of them are soo handsome.
Second Pathway (Cost: $5.50 SAVINGS!)

1. Take the E train to it's last stop, World Trade Center.
2. Be amazed by the beauty of the World Trade Center, the AC breeze, the lack of urine smell associated with subway stations.
3. Follow the directions to the PATH train (1-2 flights of stairs).
4. Use your pay-per-ride MTA card. Insert it into the turnstile, remember to take it back!
5. Look for signs "Newark/Journal Square". Board that train till the last stop!
6. Yeah, it's similar to MTA subway so no fancy seats here but at least you saved $5.00 (to spend on other stuff *cough* KPOP concerts *cough*