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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Watch- Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女 and Man Crush of the Moment- Yang Yang

This is my favorite character so far soo I'm gonna start this post with Yang Yang's character, Ruo Bai.

Look at this cutie!
He works that middle part yo! And episode 1's shower scene :3 Not to mention he's only 23 (never gonna see him IRL but a girl can wish) and my ideal height 5'11'' <3
And here's the rest of the cast. It's a love square for sure!

Left to Right
XiaoYing, Bai Cao's BFF who's never jealous (even though her newbie friend beats her in all the matches)
ChuYuan, guy who left the world of Yuan Wu Dao and now lives in a cabin on the property of SongBai Hall and takes care of plants and is learning medicine
TingHao, reigning international champion of all those matches whatever. Currently giving off a playboy feeling
BaiCao, the girl who always practiced her kicks and has a sad backstory esp ep 1 when her family kicked her out (for her own good). Her perseverance gets on my nerves sometimes but I love seeing the underdog slowly rising to the top!
RuoBai, oh this hot piece of eye candy. Kinda looks like a handsomer version of Lim Ju Hwan? That's just me tho ^^
TingYi, TingHao's sister. From ep 4, I can tell she has a crush on ChuYuan who make be developing feelings for BaiCao, and thus will hate this girl for no reason. Smh.
YiFeng, or something like that. Too lazy to go find out this character's name. He's a cutie but too young to notice just yet. I last saw him in Nirvana in Fire (gave up on that drama cuz I had noo clue what was happening)

I'm gonna try to stay on this drama till the end which is 32 eps. Then gonna hold out till the second season finishes airing in December. I'm gonna watch that for sure because the cutie that is Ji Chang Wook will be in it!!