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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Break Past Time- Movies & Dramas!

So this is just a post for my own organization? I mean I want to keep track of what I've watched besides just using my list app all the time. Will be categorizing it by country and type (movie or drama). I watched quite a lot haha but I'm only gonna write my opinion on the ones that were worth watching not ones that had drag time. Maybe I'll just save this in drafts for myself...

-Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds
I loved the concept! Another cross dressing (girl disguised as guy) plot and I'm already hooked. Got the Sungkyunkwan Scandal feels! But...every other episode it was Ra On who always required saving by the Crown Prince at his expense. So although I loved the costumes (soo pretty) and the four leads did a fantastic job, I literally had to drag myself through the series and ended up skipped 13-16 just because I mean I think I could have done without them (and it was fine). This is the exception because we had the finee beauties Park Bo Gum and Jin Young from B1A4

-Seven First Kisses by Lotte
YES THIS IS EVERY FREAKIN' FANGIRL'S dream come true! We got all the hotties!!! AHHHH and all those CLOSE CALLS NOT REALLY KISSES but dang just being that close to the oppas is already more than enough! All the hotties ughhh. This was a fun webseries to watch :3

-Legend of the Blue Sea (in progress)- The leads have such great chemistry together! And I think this may be the first time I don't mind the female lead being naive about the world. She does have her clarity moments where she absolutely slays. Jeong Ji Hyun does suchhh a great job. It's also a very interesting concept about a mermaid and human who are in love and literally have a past together.
-Oh My Geum Bi (in progress)- Only watched the first episode for now and it's already got me tearing up :( The child actress is doing suchh a great job! She was also in MDBC as a young princess who was shocked by something she witnessed and her PTSD ended up making her mute. I'll give it another go when I'm in the mood for crying haha and gotta relieve my stress.
-Hwarang (in progress)- FLOWER BOY GARDEN. That's what they should rename it! Look at all them pretty boys! It's got comedy and angst as well. Throw me all the cliches (hand on wall, kisses, teasing your crush when you actually like them). And can I mention again how FINE everyone looks. I mean look at Hyungsik he looks like he legit used to be a prince or king in his past life! Man looks like he stepped right outta a manga!! And Park Seo Joon <3 Not to mention SeoJoon, HyunSik and MinHo were all guesting on 1N2D, one of my favorite variety shows right now.

-Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo- Nam Joo Hyuk was such a lovable puppy in this one! Not to mention since he played a swimmer so...ABS :D Once the OTP were together it was a fairytale ending from there! I absolutely adored how supportive and trusting they were of each other! Especially since there was no second female lead that was trying to sabotage their relationship (Shi Ho only made one attempt but then she felt bad about it; she was dealing with depression, anorexia, and bulimia and towards the end finally sought the help she needed). I understood Bok Joo's dilemma half way through the series where she was under a lot of stress and bad things were happening to those around her that she just wanted to give up weightlifting. On a personal level, it resonated a lot with me because I have thought about giving up my current major too and actually took the steps towards it but perhaps what I needed most was also like her to step back and do things that I like to do (trying new restaurants and exploring the city).
-Thumping Spike 2
-The Flower in Prison

-The Magician- Dang this made me a fan of Yoo Seung Ho! He's so young but already got a great set of acting chops! I can feel all his emotions. Imagine if he was in Hwarang as well? Oh danggg we would have an even more killer set of actors. Slay all the noonas hearts.
-The Concubine
-War of the Arrows
-Collective Invention
-The Treacherous
-Phantom Detective

-Princess Wei Young- LOVING the direction that the novel is going in. But like always they can't have such an evil lead character SO they added bucket loads of sugar to Wei Young's character from the book ultimately making her a goody two shoes who has a good plan every now and then. Man did the OTP suffer in this drama! They ruined the novel :(

-The Devil and Angel- THIS WAS REALLY FUNNY! I wasn't expecting it oh man. The OTP are a couple IRL too. Debt collector and straight as an arrow accountant haha. Really a bunch of fun to watch
-Bounty Hunters- This movie got them Stephen Chow comedy feels! I loved it! Totally was not expecting it to be in canto either! Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho are the OTP duo. Bros that used to work for Interpol then started their own bodyguard company instead lol.
-Monster Hunt- TUBAAAAA omg the little monster baby was soo cute! And when the OTP sold him I was just like "WHY ARE U HURTING THE POOR BABY'S FEELINGS? WHY CAN'T YOU GUYS BE HAPPY TOGETHER?!" I only watched it for Tuo Ba

-Breakup Guru- Deng Chao got them acting skills in comedy movies! This is the first one I watched with him in it and it was pretty funny watching him break up couples haha.
-20 Once Again- This was definitely an interesting remake on the kmovie "Granny Once Again". What's with all the remakes of korean movies though? Like first this then it was Speedy Scandal!
-Ex-Files 2- I liked this one! The girl showed him whose boss but transforming herself and then eventually winning his heart after he only saw her as a one night stand.