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Thursday, February 9, 2017

KBeauty- The Face Shop's, Missha's, Nature's Republic Products I've Bought!

The Face Shop was the FIRST korean skincare line I've ever tried! That's partially because it was the only Korean skincare store in my area and this was before korean skin care brands ventured into the mainstream attention. So before my area got Nature Republic, Peach & Lily in Macy's, the Saem, TonyMoly, Amore, Clio and more, the Face Shop was the only place to go!

1) Nature's Republic Eyebrow Pencil- Dark Brown
The texture is really nice and really easy to apply! I wanted a softer brow look and these are perfect! Though I think I might try an even lighter color or light gray next time (which I ordered online) because my brows are still too dark for my liking. The brush is coarse and not soft at all >.<  


2) Missha Eyebrow Wood Pencil- Black
For on fleek brows, this is the perfect color if you have dark hair! But I'm not about that on fleek brow life so I don't use this much. Maybe when I get eye primer I could definitely try to use it as an eyeliner pencil!


3) The Face Shop Marker Lip Tint- Red
Great idea but it's very very drying sadly. Absolutely have to put on lip balm before applying this otherwise you end up with dry and cracked lips the next day. But the color doesn't hold well to the lip balm so it loses color. Great for adding color to your cheeks though!


4) Missha's BB Compact Cushion 21
Too white for my skin's color! This is for those who are very very fair skin or want to get that fair skin look. If you don't apply primer under this, the coverage is nice but it ends up looking cakey. I couldn't even scratch my face when it was itchy because I was afraid I would rub off the BB cream. Would not buy again. I'm just using the cushion for blending and the company mirror too.


5) Nature Republic's Glow Lip Lacquer- Vanilla Pink
The beauty enthusiast of all things kbeauty decided to buy this because it was on sale at my local Nature Republic for only $5! Though I doubt I'll ever use this since 1 coat doesn't provide enough coverage (too thin) and multiple coats just makes it too bright! It's like you're wearing a pink highlighter on your lips. Nice for going out to clubs or parties but not an everyday lip product.


6) Free Sample from Nature Republic- Aqua Toner!
Haven't tried this yet as I'm still using my Honey Toner from Skin Food and I still have a lot left!