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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Wang Ta Lu aka Darren Wang

I first saw this cutie in the film that really brought him to stardom "Our Times". It was such a cute movie and I was waiting the wholeee movie for at least one kiss or peck but sadly there was none. Anyway this past weekend I was browsing around randomly for Chinese movies to watch and stumbled upon "Seventeen Again" with Wallace Huo, Nini and...DARREN WANG! Omg when I saw him I was so surprised but also excited cuz I looked forward to his scenes in the movie the most! And he had the only kiss scene in the movie too with the main female lead. Ughhh he plays the bad boy role sooo well but off-screen he is such a lovable dork. Behold his cuteness~~ And he's only a 91 liner, a girl can dream right? 😉 That's my favorite hairstyle on him. He's sporting long hair recently for his newest role but I love the comb over on him SO HAWT YO. He's also just the right amount of musclessss. He got them but not too much so that he's popping out of shirts but he looks FLYYYY. 

Also you may have noticed I have a thing for guys with a nice jawline and tall guys. OMG TALL GUYS~~~ where is my tall prince?  I don't usually go for tan guys but DA LU YOU'RE THE EXCEPTION <3. Welp I'm probably gonna be spending this next month just searching up his movies and skipping forward to his scenes haha. 

How can a guy go from smexy to cute? He's the total packageeee. And I was watching the show with Show Luo, and he said his ideal girl was someone with manners and innocent and he chose an innocent girl over a sexy one. Also the boy is afraid of ghosts...HOW CUTE. If I ever see him in person OMGGGGG it would be awesome.

WHERE CAN I BUY THIS BOOK? Apparently its full of his picturesssss I'm so shameless :3

Sadly there aren't too many English interviews with him althought surprisingly he did represent Taiwan (?) at the Asian Music Awards for someee reason. Who was his stylist though? Made him have his hair long and wearing that weird green white coat? We all know our man or as instagram fans like to call him "Lao Da" can look FLYYY.