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Friday, June 30, 2017

KBeauty- Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, Missha BB Cream, Etude Drawing Eyebrow, Styling Eyeliner

Ordered these from Cosmetic Love a few months back but just never got around to posting about them! It usually takes 2 weeks for products to arrive. Now let's get into product review!

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1. Etude House Eye 10 Primer
NOT for oily eyelids! Make sure to use makeup remove or something to remove the oil from your eyelids (if you have) before applying the primer. Otherwise (lesson learned the hard way aka walking around all day with a double liner effect 😂) If you also plan on applying eyeshadow, it helps the primer do its job a bit better. Otherwise this product just sits in my makeup bag going unused because the result is the same with or without it

2. Missha BB Cream
Not worth the purchase in my opinion. It's just as cakey as the cushion BB cream I bought from them. Won't work without setting powder (which I'm not about to splurge for lol). Another product that just sits in my makeup bag with no future...

3. Etude House Drawing Eye Brown- gray brown
Now THIS is the color I've been looking for! Finally can achieve that soft eye brow more dark black eyebrows look! This has been lasting me for quite some time already! Easy to use and the application is smooth. Be careful not to scratch your eyebrow though, it's staying power is not that great.

4. Etude House Styling Eyeliner
Nothing special about this eyeliner. If you want a soft brown eyeliner look, this is a convenient and easy eyeliner to use. It doesn't have a sharp point so it won't be able to draw thin lines only thick ones. And I don't think it's waterproof either so another product that I sometimes use when I don't feel like using my NYX waterproof eyeliner.