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Monday, July 24, 2017

CDrama First Impressions- Legend of the Dragon Pearl

After shopping around a bit to see what drama I could watch while waiting for the rest of "Princess Agents", "Queen for Seven Days" to be released, I found this drama!
I saw a few very well-made fan made MVs and decided to check it out!

The first 2 episodes didn't draw me in THAT much but I do remember a scene where the prince and the female MC (in guy clothes but still got that make up on point) had a staring contest.
Honestly that was the best part and I'm saying that AFTER watching 4 episodes already!
I honestly cannot believe how easily the female MC evades dangerous situations with NOO consequences at all and *SPOILER* even convinced the bad guy to accept her as his god daughter?! What is this craziness?!
Anyway, check out the fanmade MV that got me into this drama (JK I can't link it so I'll just insert link HERE)
Oh and there are currently no subs cuz I guess it just didn't gain the attention of translators and subbers...