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Monday, July 31, 2017

KBeauty- NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

One of my current favorite kbeatuy youtubers, Joan Kim, raved about this product in her end of the year empties video and believe it or not, I have NEVER used an exfoliating product before. Not that I didn't want to but more like I didn't know I NEEDED it in my life!

I ordered from JOLSE and it came within two weeks! SCORE!

There was even 1 sample of Tony Moly's Tomato Magic Massagepack. TBH, I was a bit disappointed to see that the box was opened so much that someone could have slipped out the samples since they're so small in the first place. I think wrapping the samples with the product would prevent that from happening. ANYWHOOOO~

After applying toner to my face, I gently swiped all over my face with the exfoliating scrub side (you'll see a grid pattern). MAKE SURE TO SWIPE UPWARDS and not downwards! We wanna prevent those wrinkles not encourage them! It's a LOT of product in just one pad and I feel kinda wasteful whenever I just toss the whole pad away after using it once...
I think next time around I'll cut the pad in half so it'll last me twice as long! (I did cut them!)

Then used the soft cotton side to wipe all over my face. And washed it all off!
WOW did I feel the difference! As soon as I went to apply my toner, I could feel that my skin was smoother! I kid you not. This is a magical product for sure and I will definitely be using it once a week as my to-go exfoliator!!