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Thursday, July 6, 2017

GUIDE- Buying KBeauty Products Online!

Shopping for kbeauty products online!
I usually like to compare prices of items before buying them. With the increasing amount of kbeauty brands landing in my city, it's easy and convenient for me to try out the testers in store before finding the same product online for a cheaper price.
Of course, there are times when the stores have deep discount sales that are a much better bang for your buck compared to online prices but since it's not like all the kbeauty brands are lined up all on one street, it's more convenient (aka suitable for lazy me) to shop online.
So here are some tips!

TIP #1- Find sites with FREE SHIPPING!
My current favorite online shops are:
Ex- favorites- Beautynetkorea, CosmeticLove
I was sooo sad when I got an email from them that they had updated their shipping fees so GOODBYE FREE SHIPPING...guess I won't be buying from them anymore.

TIP #2- Shop around sites comparing prices
Sometimes a site that usually has lower prices may have an item for a higher priced compared to a site that usually has items that are higher priced...if that sounds confusing I'll try to use an example!
Soo I wanted to buy Innisfree's No Sebum Mineral Powder, right now Cosmetic Love is having a 20% off on that line which brought the price down to $8. But, Jolse also has the same item for $7. Just a small difference but I could totally use that $1 to, you know, buy like a sheet mask or something!

TIP #3- Always use Paypal to pay for orders!
I tried to make an account but I always had problems with it so I ended up deleting my account on Paypal. But not to worry! After clicking on "Paypal" you use a debit or credit card to pay without having to make an account!

TIP #4- Order before you run out of product! 
I recommend at least 3 weeks ahead (especially during the summer).

When I ordered during the spring, it took about 2 weeks to arrive...
I stalled for the LONGEST time before ordering a new cleansing oil. Whichhh resulted in me minimizing the amount of times I applied eye makeup on or used makeup in general. The scrooge in me refused to go to a brick store to pick up a cleansing oil. MUST SAVE MONEY!

Hope my post was informative! Have a wonderful time shopping online!